Protected Items

 Mar 09, 2015 - Features - New

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What are Protected Items?

These are special items which are unique to the individual player. This means that only you will be able to hold this item, no one else. Not even another character of your account will be able to hold this item.

How it works?

Basically, you do not lose this item at all. This means that you can not throw a Protected Item on the ground, trade with another player, send by postal mail, drop when you die, sell to an NPC, or anything like. This item is simply attached to your character.

How can I found and what can I do with Protected Items?

Usually, you can find Protected Items in Quests and in VIP Shop of Kingdom Age Online. In the case of Quests, these were made for the progress not be interrupted by a failure of the player losing the item – these are items that give progress to the history of Kingdom Age Online. Use them to finish the quests in the game, depending on which quests are. In the case of VIP Shop, they were made to keep uniquely yours with total security of not losing them after opening the box. Each item in the VIP Shop comes in a box that are not Protected Items. This means that before opening the box, you can literally do anything you want with it – sell, trade, throw it on the floor, and so on. Only after opening the box, the item becomes fixed to your character, so only your character can use the item from the VIP Shop after using the box. If you purchased items from the VIP Shop in order to resell in the game, do not use the box.