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    In order to help you, present your ideas well we would like to provide you with some tips for writing a good proposal. Please follow these tips to help us understand your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.

    All constructive proposals that use the template below may be considered for the Proposal Evaluation system. While you do not have use the same headings as in the template, please follow its basic structure (short summary, detailed description to explain it further).
    Proposals that have been evaluated according to this system will be highlighted with a golden frame. Please note, though, that having used the template for your proposal is not yet a guarantee a response from staff within the scope of the Proposal Evaluation system. However, proposals that do not use the template will not be considered for this system even though it does not mean that we will ignore such proposals completely.

    Title: name of proposal
    Abstract/Vision Statement: brief overview/summary, about a paragraph long
    Detailed Description:
    Depending on the nature of your proposal it might be helpful to divide this section into 3 parts:
    • Current situation / Problem:
    • Solution:
    • Goals / Outcome / Consequences:
    If your proposal mainly focuses on new content (e.g. an area concept) you can, of course, write down the background story or whatever else you would like to contribute to add flavour to your idea and to spice it up.​

    Please also keep in mind that a good constructive proposal...
    • is clear, coherent and to the point.
    • focuses on a single topic instead of using one thread to merge ideas that cover different aspects or topics
    • cuts out everything that gets in the way of communicating an idea well, e.g. avoids being overly negative or redundant information.
    • is well organised, easy to read and follow.
    • has an appropriate, descriptive and rather unambiguous title.
    • has an informative yet concise abstract/summary which grasps the central idea and provides essential information within the first post.
    • explains the needs to be met or problem to be solved by the proposed idea, why it is interesting and/or necessary.
    • does not assume that readers "know what you mean".
    • avoids unreasonable and unsupported assumptions.
    • mentions potential drawbacks and alternative approaches.
    • is of reasonable dimensions, e.g. does not try to answer all of the questions at once, does not dwell on each and every tiny little detail.
    • makes use of the Proposal Template.

    We are looking forward to hear your ideas on how to further improve Kingdom Age! [smiley_1]
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