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How daring do you want your character to be?

  • Offensive

Characters that are set to offensive combat mode will storm into battle, concentrating all their skill on an all-out attack. Because of this, they receive a bonus to their attacks. However, the drawback of such reckless fighting is that a character’s defence is reduced as long as he is set to offensive combat mode.

  • Balanced

This is the default setting. A character that is set to balanced fighting will divide his skills evenly between attack and defence.

  • Defensive

Defensive characters will try to protect themselves as well as possible. Characters can attack while they are set to defensive mode, but their chance to hit will be reduced.

Automatic Movement

  • Stand While Fighting

This is the default movement mode. Characters that are set to this mode will try to make a stand where they are. They will not budge unless they are pushed aside or until the player moves them manually.

  • Chase Opponent

Characters that are set to “Chase Opponent” will try to corner their opponents. Whenever a target is attacked such characters will try to move as close as possible towards it, taking the shortest way possible. If you are not happy about the way a character is moving, you can easily stop him by clicking on “Stand while fighting” or by moving him using the mouse or the cursor keys. However, note that if “Auto Chase Off” is disabled in the game options, your character will resume with the movement mode “Chase Opponent” once you take the finger from the cursor key.

Secure Option

  • Stand While Fighting

This is the default setting. Characters set to secure mode cannot attack other characters that are not marked by a skull. This way it is not possible to attack innocent bystanders or friends by accident. Note that you can always defend yourself against attacks in this mode because aggressors will be marked automatically. Also, keep in mind that the secure mode will not prevent that your character may get a skull mark if he causes damage, e.g. by fire fields or explosions.

  • Normal Mode

If this mode is activated you can freely attack all other characters. Keep in mind, however, that your character will receive a skull mark if you attack unmarked characters.