Mar 09, 2015 - Features - New

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Similar to a radar screen, the automap shows a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. Activate this in the automap button (minimap). It is essentially a miniature version of the game window, although it covers a much wider area. Like the game window, the automap is centred on your character, which is shown as a black or white cross, and just like in the game window, you can move your character by left-clicking on a spot on the automap. There are 2 important differences to the game window, however. Firstly, unexplored areas in the automap are covered by black fog that keeps you from seeing what might be hidden there. Secondly, it is possible to mark places of interest on the automap. To set a mark right-click onto a spot on the map and select “Set Mark” from the context menu. If there is already a mark on the selected spot you can choose to edit or to delete it. If you set or edit a mark you can select an icon of your choice and enter a short description.

Hold the left mouse button (or ALT+Arrows) for navigate. Scroll the mouse middle button for zoom in/out. Press the right mouse button to create map marks. Press Ctrl+Shift+M for view the entire game map.