Masks ‘n’ Races

 Mar 09, 2015 - Guides - Features

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What is Masks and Races?

The Masks are essential, especially for the quests. Without the masks, you can not do too much. When using a Race Mask, you change the race of your character and gets able to talk to other NPCs of your new race. So, some NPCs has a different race of human and they are included on quests, that is why the masks are essential.

You should take some precautions with the masks. For example, if you die, you will back to the city of your last race that you were and you will get cursed for a day (real 6 hours) on game – it means you can not change your race unless you use a Fighting Spirit. If you are a Premium Account, you will not get the curse, then no Fighting Spirits is needed. It’s highly recommended that you remove your mask from your face if you know that you will die, if you are not a Premium Account.

Another example, is that the Guard of Kingdom of cities attack distinct races. Also, some masks, like Fox Mask, comes with a certain “power”. In this case, when using it, you will be able to walk up/down a few floors.

The Soaring Mask is very useful for Premium Accounts because you will not need to equip it on your head for use it. This means you can travel between the Races cities if you have a Race Mask equipped when you use the Soaring Mask.