Report a Bug/Problem/Idea

 Mar 09, 2015 - Guides - Features

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How can I report a bug or idea?

The Kingdom Age Online worry a lot to keep the game full playable. If you think a thing is bugged or need a review, please report it. You can also send us ideas that you think could improve the game as you want. The game was made for you to play and we love making you have fun, so your opinion is very important to us. Find the report bug/idea button (bugreport) or just press Ctrl + (,), then write the report and send it. Please, be the most direct and detailed as possible. Also, avoid using it only as a means of communication with the team. Just send us a message that is not a issue if really it is something important to be revised. Do not flood. Messages that we consider has unimportant content or which are flood, will be seen as a possible punishment from an alert, banishment for a few days/month or even banishment your entire account. So please stay tuned.