Mar 10, 2015 - Guides - Features

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What are the Skulls?

The Skull System is a system that was made to make sure that Player Killing wouldn’t get out of control. When a player attacks someone who is not skulled, he/she gets a white skull. If a player kills someone with a white, red, yellow, black or green skull they won’t get skulled.

Kill a NPC counts as a frag. You can drop your loot when you are marked with a skull, but you can use the Amulet of the Gods for prevent this. Also, stay tuned about the Hand button (safefight - Copia): when the hand is closed (safefight - Copia (2)), you can attack any player, but you cannot enable/disable it if you are infight.

When you are not skulled and you die, you have a chance of 15% of drop your backpack and a chance for each item equipped of 10% to drop it. Also, the time to decrease each frag is 12 hours.

skull_white White Skull

A player will get white skull if they attack or kill another player. If they only attack, the skull will remain until the logout block is gone (you will also receive a Protection Zone Block ’till logout block is gone, together with the White Skull). However, if they kill another player, they will get white skull for 15 minutes, and every offense against other players during that time will reset the time, so player killers will have to wait another 15 minutes. Killing a white skulled player is a justified kill. However, if you attack someone with a white skull, they will see a yellow skull on your character, and be able to defend themselves without punishment. If you finally kill a White Skull you will have to wait a minute to lose the Protection Zone Block. When you are skulled with it, you have a chance of 45% of drop your backpack and a chance for each item equipped of 25% to drop it.

skull_red Red Skull

A player gets a red skull if they kill 3 unmarked characters. This will encourage players to hunt and to punish players who have a red skull. Excessive killing of non-skulled players or “innocents” is no longer a violation of the Kingdom Age Rules.

If you encounter a red-skull player on your screen, be cautious! Random player killers often have red skulls, and they kill just enough players to not get a black skull. Of course, players not marked with skulls can be random player killers too, but a red-skull indicates an aggressive person. When you are skulled with it, you have a chance of 70% of drop your backpack and a chance for each item equipped of 35% to drop it.

skull_black Black Skull

A player gets a black skull if they kill 6 unmarked characters. Black skull will appear when a player kills double the amount of players needed to attain a red skull. A black skull indicates a very aggressive person. When you are skulled with it, you have a chance of 95% of drop your backpack and a chance for each item equipped of 50% to drop it.

skull_yellow Yellow Skull

A player will receive a yellow skull if they attack someone marked with a black, red, white or revenge skull (orange). The attacker is yellow skulled only for his victim; this is done because even player killers have the right to defend themselves against other players that might try to kill them. Killing someone with a yellow skull will be a justified kill. If a player who has a black, red, white or revenge skull is attacked by an unmarked player, the attacker will get a yellow skull which is visible only to the player he attacked. This allows to kill in self-defense without receiving extra penalties.

skull_orange Orange Skull

If someone kills you, he receives a “Revenge Skull” (orange) for one week, so you can attack him in that week without obtaining a white skull, but you will receive a Protection Zone Block and a yellow skull for attacking an orange skull. Only you can see the revenge skull on your killer. An orange skull lasts either 7 days or until you took revenge and killed the character with the orange skull. If a character has killed you several times in the last 7 days, the orange skull lasts until you took revenge for every single of these kills. Once all those unjustified kills are avenged or older than 7 days, the orange skull vanishes.