Wanted List

 Mar 09, 2015 - Guides - Features

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What is the Wanted List?

The Wanted List serves for pay to kill someone that you hate when you can’t or just don’t want to try to kill the target. You just need to have enough money to gratify the mercenaries who loves to kill for money. If you are one of the mercenaries, that is a very nice way to collect money. If you are a Premium Account and want to cancel the name on list, you need just to put the name again with any value for remove it. If you kill a player that is on the Wanted List and the target has no skull, you receive 15% of his lost experience.

To register players on Wanted List, use this blackboard, clear this text and write in the window following this model: Name_of_Player, 2000

How it Works?

  1. You can register up to 3 targets;
  2. The expire time for targets is 7 days;
  3. The reward limit is between 20.00 platinum coins and 100.0000 crystal coins;
  4. You cannot add offline players, players from level 20 or below, yourself or our development team;
  5. Premium players can remove his wanted players and receive the money back – enter again the target’s name and any value for price to remove;
  6. This list shows up to 10 online wanted players, but it does not removes the ones with secure mode enabled;
  7. For the full list, access our website on http://www.kingdomageonline.com/