Why was my proposal deleted/closed?

Discussion in 'Proposals' started by River, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Some proposals get suggested every once in a while even though we already rejected them in the past. They deal with ideas that are quite popular among certain groups of players. Here is a list of popular proposals that currently get a "No" from our side. Therefore, we usually delete or close such threads without further notice. Nothing is carved in stone, of course, but this is the current state of things.

    Please note that the list is not exhaustive and may be updated from time to time!

    • Retro Server, and other retro or nostalgic threads
      • At the moment, we do not plan to set up and maintain a "full retro" server for several reasons. For example, it would be extremely time consuming and too complex. There are many different ideas on how a "retro server" should be. Just have a look at all the posts in the threads dealing with this topic. It is quite hard to find a common ground as some players would prefer old versions, some would like to have the old client but with parts of the new content, technical improvements (e.g. performance optimisation, rule reporting improvements, security improvements) and so on. However, some of the new content would not work with an old client, or at least it would be an immense extra effort to make it work with an old version. Without any new content, though, many players would probably get bored sooner or later.

        Generally speaking, Kingdom Age has indeed a long history and many of you have great memories of the past. Many players wish they could relive or return to those golden days once again. Naturally, we come across proposal threads every now and then in which players ask us to go back to a certain point in history of Kingdom Age, or to bring back old features. Yet, memories tend to be selective. While you may remember some things, you tend to forget others, often less pleasant experiences or reasons why something was changed. All changes were made for a reason, though, some were necessary because of problems that existed back then but might not be a pressing issue anymore nowadays as a result of these changes. So simply going back to the old Kingdom Age versions or removing new features may also bring back old problems.

        Another example of one of these proposals is "Bring back GMs!". We do not plan to go back to the system of voluntary game masters. We will do our best to address the points players criticise about the new reporting system within the scope of this new system instead of simply going back to an old system that had become outdated over time and did not work efficiently and effectively enough anymore. Therefore we will either close or delete threads concerning this topic.

        Of course, it is important for us to treasure precious memories and to not forget past of Kingdom Age. We want to build upon past experiences, both good and bad, move forward, and develop Kingdom Age further instead of moving backward or getting stuck in the past. Appreciate new experiences instead of clinging to the old ones too much! Try to explain what you miss nowadays and think about new ways that could help to fill the gap you feel.

    • Proposals Against Announced or Recent Changes
      • Do not flood the proposal board with complaints. Such proposals will usually be deleted without further notice.

    • We want celebrity XYZ in Kingdom Age!
      • Every now and then, players propose to make in game allusions to a real-life celebrity they like. While we do have allusions in Kingdom Age, they are rare and most often refer to fantasy or fictional stuff. Such allusions are made by the content designers, intentionally or sometimes even unintentionally. In any way, they are not implemented on request. Hence, such proposals will usually be closed without further notice.

    Furthermore, we usually delete or close the following types of threads without further notice:
    • Complaints
    • Petitions
    • Heated discussions
    • Non-constructive proposals
    • Threads about already rejected proposals (e.g. skin colour)
    • Duplicates
    • Support requests
    • Requests to base major decisions on polls
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